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Stallion Prospects Services

Stallion Services

Evaluation of the stallion as a breeding prospect.

Reports vary in length, but are usually 10 – 15 pages. The report can be posted on your stallion webpage, or I can create a condensed version for your website and/or brochures for no additional cost.

Each report contains the following:

Race Record:

Review of the stallion's race record, noting precocity, distance/surface affinity.


Overview of sire's record as a sire of sires, precocity, distance/surface affinity, class of offspring.

Distaff line:

Strength of the female family, review of siblings, dam, second and third generations, notable blacktype, precocity, distance/surface affinity.


Review of the damsire's daughter's offspring for overall class, nicking, affinities.

Pedigree Analysis:

Review of the overall pedigree, including bloodline crosses, sibling report, reines de course, chef de race.


Optimal bloodline/nicking crosses, female family inbreeding/linebreeding recommendations.


Physical review of the stallion with suitable conformation photos or physical examination available. Suggestions for best physical mare matches.


Overall potential of the stallion as a breeding prospect.

Each report includes pedigree charts, reines and chef lists, etc.

20% of all fees are donated to racehorse retirement and retraining charities.