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Sales Catalog Analysis Services

Sales Catalog Analysis Services

Sales Catalog Analysis

We start with a brief email or phone consult to discuss your price range and goals for the prospective horses. I will collaborate with your trainer or racing manager to create the short list or provide backup research for their short list. Same day phone/email consultations are available.

Depending on the number of horses per sales book, I offer a short list of between 20 – 50 horses, although the Keeneland September Yearling Sale may contain more prospects.

Reports contain the following for each hip:

Nicking ReportsI review the nicking reports and offer a nicking analysis of the first two generations.
Sales Record
Sire EvalQuality of sire’s overall crops, average and median sales results, if a first crop sire, prediction of how his offspring will perform.
Distaff LineEvaluation of the immediate female family, including sales prices/records, class level and soundness of siblings and dam plus blacktype in the first two.
ConformationIf photos are available, a generalized overview of the conformation, noting any major weakness. If I attend the sale, a written review and photos of each prospect will be included.
Breeze videoBreeze video will be included in the report along with an analysis of the work. Optional: Stride report/biomechanics can be included for additional cost.
Additional:Nicking Reports, 4x4 nicking report, hypomating chart, catalog pages, etc. are included.
Summary:An overall summary of the hip including appraisal sales range.
20% of all fees are donated to racehorse retirement and retraining charities.