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Broodmare Breeding Services

Broodmare Services

Broodmare Reports

Reports are emailed in .pdf format, each section is tabbed for easy reading and reference. Hard copy reports available upon request. Estimated deliver time per report is about a week.

$250 per mare for analysis of her pedigree and current year mating suggestions, which will include between five to ten stallions. $150 per mare for updated reports (stallion suggestions only, however, after four years, the mare’s overall record must be re-evaluated). Discounts available for 3+ mares.

Each report contains between 10 -12 pages of text with an additional 7 – 8 pages of pedigree charts and various nicking reports, reines-de course, sibling and more, which will vary with each report.

Report Sections:

Mare assessment:

Analysis of the mare’s race and produce record, and that of her immediate family (Sire, dam, siblings) back to two generations to determine precocity and surface/distance affinities, soundness, inbreeding, key ancestors and bloodline crosses. Conformation assessment of the mare can be added upon either physical viewing or suitable conformational photos.

Stallion Reports:

Five to ten stallions will be chosen based upon the client’s budget, geographical location and goals. Report will cover the stallion’s race record, produce record, conformation, affinities of his offspring, plus affinity for the mare’s sire and distaff sire bloodline crosses and two years of sales results. All accompanying charts, hypomating, reines –de- course, x-factor, sibling reports, etc.

Final summary and recommendation:

An easy to read table summary listing the basics of each stallion plus choices rated based upon overall fit with the mare both conformation and pedigree wise.


Negotiate stud fee discounts and book stallion seasons, $50. Please note that I don’t receive commissions from the stud farms for booking mares to stallions. I work for my clients and receiving commissions is, to me, a conflict of interest. Also, please be advised that the contract and all necessary records for your mare must be submitted once a booking has been arranged.

20% of all fees are donated to racehorse retirement and retraining charities.